Smart Home PCBA Made 100% E-Testing

Smart Home PCBA Made 100% E-Testing

Smart Home PCBA Made OEM Electronic Manufacturing 100% E-Testing and functional test. We are PCB, PCBA, Circuit Board manufacturer / supplier in China, offering good quality PCB Assembly.

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Smart Home PCBA Made 100% E-Testing

What are the contamination of PCBA processing

Contaminants are defined as surface sediments, impurities, slag inclusions, and adsorbents that reduce the chemical, physical, or electrical properties of PCBA to nonconforming levels.Below are following aspects mainly:

1. The components that make up PCBA, the contamination of PCB itself or oxidation will lead to PCBA board contamination;

2. Solder paste, solder, solder wire, etc. are used to weld PCBA in the process of production and manufacturing. The residual of the solder in the welding process will cause pollution on the PCBA board, which is the main pollutant.

3. Hand mark generated during manual welding, some wave-peak welding paw print and welding pallet (fixture) mark will be produced during wave welding. Other types of pollutants may exist on the surface of PCBA to different degrees, such as glue for plugging hole, glue residue of high temperature tape, hand mark and flying dust, etc.

4. Contamination of PCBA by dust, steam of water and solvent vapors, smoke, tiny particles of organic matter, and charged particles caused by static electricity.

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