Medical Products PCBA Mainboard Mounting

Medical Products PCBA Mainboard Mounting

We are in the PCB mounting field for many years, our products, technologies and services are widely used in medical equipment, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, communications systems, industrial sites, catering and hotel industries.

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PCBA mounting includes two major processes: PCB manufacturing and SMT assembly. Electronic components are indispensable for both. Electronic components are the foundation for PCBA processing and also an important factor affecting the function and quality of PCBA products.So what are the common electronic components for PCBA SMT?

1. resistor
Resistance is one of the most commonly used components in PCBA. Resistance is divided into firm resistance and variable resistance(potentiometer), which acts as partial pressure, shunt and current limit in circuit.
2. capacitance
Capacitance is also one of the fundamental components in PCB assembly. It is a kind of energy storing component, which plays a role of coupling, filtering, dc insulation and tuning in electronic circuits.
3. Inductance coil
Inductance coil is short of inductance, which can store magnetic energy. It is usually composed of frame, winding, shield cover, magnetic core, etc.
4. Potentiometer
Resistance value can be changed, namely in the rule category value can continue being adjusted, called potentiometer. Potentiometer consists of a housing, a sliding end, a rotating shaft, a ring resistance body and three leading ends.
5. Transformer
Transformer is made up of iron core (or magnetic core) and coil. The coil has two or more windings. The windings connected to the power supply are called lower windings, while the other windings are called secondary windings.
A transformer is a device that changes voltage, current and impedance. When there is an exchange current in the current coil, the magnetic flux is switched in the iron core (or magnetic core), so that the voltage (or current) is appeared in the secondary coil.
6. Crystal diode
The crystal diode (semiconductor diode) is made of a PN junction, an electrode lead and an external sealing shell, It has a unidirectional electrical properties.
7. Crystal transistor
Transistor is the central device for signal reduction and disposal and is widely used in PCBA production.
8. Field effect tube
The field effect transistor (FET) is also a semiconductor device with PN junction. The difference from transistor is not applied to the electrical properties of PN junction, but to its insulation properties.
9. Electroacoustic devices
In circuit it is used for complete electrical signal and sound signal mutual conversion known as acoustic device.Its variety is single, such as speaker, microphone, earphone (or earplug), microphone, receiver.
10. Photoelectric device
Photoconductive devices applied with semiconductor photosensitive properties, photocell and semiconductor luminescent devices.
11. Performance devices
An electronic presentation device is a photoelectric conversion device that converts an electrical signal into an optical signal.It is the key component that electron shows installation, have very big effect to function after installation.
12. Sensor
A device in which a sensor can sense and be converted the sense into a usable signal in accordance with an affirmative discipline, usually consisting of a sensing element and a conversion element.
13. External device components
External device components (SMC and SMD), include resistors, capacitors, inductors and semiconductor devices, etc., with features of small volume, light weight, no lead or short lead, high density of devices, high stability, good anti-vibration function and easy completion of initiative.
14. Silicon controlled
Thyristor, short for thyristor rectifier, is a kind of high-power semiconductor device with four layers of three PN junction. As one of the commonly used semiconductor devices, it is characterized by small size, absolutely complex structure and strong function.
15. Switch, relay, various connectors
The switch is used for plugging, switching, or switching circuits in electronic equipment.Relay is a kind of active control device whose input reaches the positive value when out(electric, magnetic, acoustic, optical and thermal) reach to a positive value.

Medical Products PCBA Mainboard Mounting

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