Electronic PCB Assembly Industry Mainbord

Electronic PCB Assembly Industry Mainbord

Electronic Printed Circuit Board PCB Assembly: OEM/ODM Service PCB Custom 2 Layer SMT PCBA Assembly Board We have ability for PCB layout,PCBA and Circuit board assembly, specializes in producing the various electronic products PCBA.

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Electronic PCB Assembly Industry Mainbord

Our PCBA factory is equipped with SMT manual solding production line, DIP post-welding line, printing table, reflow soldering at 8 area zone, electric blast drying box, anti-static soldering iron, imported high-precision capacitance meter, high equipment configuration, big flexibility, can meet the requirements of medium and small batches of product processing and trial production.Company employees all have above 4 years working experience in SMT processing and related, for SMT production, technological process and control they all has rich experience, we can guarantee the SMT quality of your electronic products and BGA welding quality in particular, we undertake the phone Infineon ULC2 platform of BASEBAND IC PMB7880 welding pad is only 0.25 mm, bonding pad spacing of 0.5 mm, after tested all conform to the requirements.In addition, we cooperate with large international logistics companies to provide you with time-saving, labor-saving, cost-saving transportation services.

1. Advantages of manual soldering VS high-speed soldering machine?
Manual soldering is flexible and suitable for small and medium sized companies in their early days.
Completion time is relatively short, 10PCS can generally be completed in one day.
No need packing material by reel, scattered is OK, some materials can be purchased scattered in the market.
As the high-speed soldering machine does not exist throwing material, general do not need to prepare spare material.
Don't charge additional engineering fees, startup costs.

2. How to control the quality of manual soldering?
Generally distribute experienced workers to be responsible for IQA, IPQA, OQA, and so on.
Generally use magnifying glass to examine the product one by one.
Employees have at least 4 years of relevant SMT plant experience.

3. How to prevent mislabeling?
First analyzes the BOM table, each component is marked with different colors on the corresponding screen location map.
Puts different components by different workers in soldering process, and the next person makes a simple check for the location placed by previous person and the component.
At last, magnifying glass is used to examine all the products.

4. Is BGA welding guaranteed?

Adopts visual alignment system BGA welding table welding, which can completely guarantee the BGA soldering quality.

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