Bluetooth Earphone PCBA PCB Mounting

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As electronic equipment becomes more and more sensitive, which requires more and more anti-interference capability of equipment, PCB design becomes more difficult. Here introduces some tips for reducing noise and electromagnetic interference in PCB design.


(13) keep clock, bus, and chip selection signals far away from I/O lines and connectors.
(14) the analog voltage input line and reference voltage end should be as far away from the digital circuit signal line as possible, especially the clock.
(15) for A/D devices, the digital part and the analog part should be unified rather than intersect.
(16) the clock line perpendicular to the I/O line has less interference than the parallel I/O line, and the clock element pin is far away from the I/O cable.
(17) the component pin is as short as possible, and the decoupling capacitance pin is as short as possible.
(18) the key lines should be as thick as possible and add a protective cover on both sides. High-speed lines should be short and straight.
(19) the line sensitive to noise should not be parallel to the high-current and high-speed switching line.
(20) do not run under the quartz crystal and under the noise sensitive device.
(21) for weak signal circuit, do not form a current loop around the low-frequency circuit.
(22) all the signal don't form a loop. If it is unavoidable, make the loop area as small as possible.
(23) one decoupling capacitance should be in each integrated circuit.A small high frequency by-pass capacitance is added to each electrolytic capacitor.
(24) use tantalum capacitors with large capacity or polycoolant capacitors instead of electrolytic capacitors as charging and discharging energy storage capacitors. When using tubular capacitors, the casing should be grounded.

Bluetooth Earphone PCBA PCB Mounting

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