Arcade Game Machine PCB Main Board

Arcade Game Machine PCB Main Board

Arcade Game Machine PCB Main Board, Mainboard PCB,main board PCBA.We are in the PCBA field for 5years, timely delivery rate is greater than or equal to 95%, batch pass rate is greater than or equal to 96.5%,and customer complaint rate is less than or equal to 0.5%.

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Arcade Game Machine PCB Main Board, Mainboard PCB,main board PCBA.

PCBA processing environment configuration requirements
The power supply requirements
Power supply voltage and power are in line with PCBA processing equipment requirements.In general, single-phase AC220V (220 +/-10%, 50/60hz) and three-phase AC380V (380 +/-10%, 50/60hz) are required for stable voltage.If it fails to meet the requirements, it shall be equipped with a stabilized voltage power supply, which is greater than the power consumption of the equipment.
The power supply of the SMT machine needs to be grounded independently, generally adopt the wiring method of three-phase five-wire system.Because of the high running speed of the SMT machine, it is easy to cause electromagnetic interference when connected with other equipment, which affects the normal operation and mounting precision of the SMT machine.

Air supply requirements
The air source pressure can be configured according to equipment requirements, can use factory air source, or the air compressor can be configured separately. Generally, the required pressure is greater than 7kgf/cm.Clean and dry air is required. The compressed air should be cleaned to get rid of oil, dust and water.Use stainless steel or pressure resistant plastic pipe for air pipe, not iron pipe.
Both reflow soldering and wave soldering equipment have requirements of exhaust air and flue gas emission, and exhaust fans should be provided according to the requirements of equipment.For full blast furnaces, the low flow rate of the exhaust pipe is generally required to be 14-15m/min.

Work environment requirements
PCBA processing equipment and process materials have certain requirements on environmental cleanliness, humidity and temperature.In order to ensure the normal operation and assembly quality of the equipment, there are strict requirements on the working environment. The workplace should be clean and sanitary, free from dust and corrosive gases.The ambient temperature is controlled at 23+/-3 degrees Celsius, and the relative humidity is 45%-70%RH.According to the above conditions, due to the dry climate and large wind and sand in the north, double-layer glass workshop and air conditioning are required.

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