SMT PCB Assembly for LED Light

SMT PCB Assembly for LED Light

1mm Aluminum core pcb installed with 2835 LEDs, SMT assembly, SMT PCB assembly China.

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In general, for small printed circuit board, when production will make PCB in panel, which is convinient for production and short the production term, also convenient for SMT assembly. After SMT pcb assembly is completed, it needs to be split into separate piece to do finished products assembly. It can be done manually when quantity is small, but it's easy to cause bad board, the best way is using machine to do segmentation automaticly.

The method for to split printed circuit boards in panel:

  1. V-cut machine, for PCB panel with v-cut, it mainly has a knife type splitter, board type splitter, and the blade type board machine, etc.

2. Punching machine, for PCB rigid board and FPC flexible pcb board, can be used for stamping die cutting.

3. Milling cutter machine, which can be used for milling cutter by programming, also known as curve splitter, for non-rule rigid PCB board.

Automatic lamp liner pcb slitting machine, the machine adopts multiple cutting methods, after SMT PCB assembly, the circuit board cutting is completed by six round knives, the two pieces are one group, forming a cutting unit, three groups. The whole cutting process is divided into three phases, the first set of blade cutting boards 40% first, then a second set of the blade to complete 40% of the cutting, and finally a set of blade separate products, get the work done. Since each cutting quantity is small, so the cutting process of stress is down more than 80% than traditional way cut one time, after broken off the printed circuit board edge level off is smooth, board surface level off.

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