PCB For LED 5730 Lighting

PCB For LED 5730 Lighting

PCB for LEDs 5730. Our SMT lines specialize in small and medium-sized batch SMT assembly service, we have 4 fully automatic SMT processing lines.Provide SMT (surface mount) processing, BGA patch welding, plug-in welding, assembly, testing, inspection, packaging and delivery service.Our products are mainly used in communication industry, medical industry, automotive electronics, security and anti-theft systems and other fields.

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PCB for LED Lighting 5730

How to repair circuit board quickly

1. Look at the state of components
Get a piece of faulty circuit board, firstly observe the circuit board if has no obvious component damage, such as electrolytic capacitor burning and bulging, resistance burnt out and power device burning.

2, see the board soldering
If the printed circuit board has no deformation warping,if no welding spot shedding and obvious virtual welding and if circuit board copper coating is not warped, burn black.

3. Observe plug-ins of components
Such as integrated circuit, diode, circuit board power transformer and other directions have no wrong plug.

4. Simple test for resistance, capacitance and inductance
Use a multimeter to test the resistance, capacitance, inductance and other suspect elements in the range. Test whether the resistance value increases, capacitor short circuit, open circuit and capacitance change, inductance short circuit and open circuit and other phenomena.

5. Power on test
After the above simple observation and test, the fault cannot be removed, and the power test can be carried out. First test the circuit board power supply if be normal. Such as if circuit board AC power supply is abnormal, voltage stabilizer output is abnormal, switching power supply output and waveform is abnormal.

6, refresh the program
For the microcontroller, DSP, CPLD and other programmable components, you can consider to refresh the program again, to eliminate the abnormal operation of the program caused by circuit fault.

7. Repair according to functional modules
If the circuit board cannot be repaired according to the above steps, it is necessary to determine the circuit module that may go wrong according to the circuit fault, and make further maintenance according to the design drawing.

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