OEM Supplier PCB Assembly for LED Products

Shenzhen Aibixing Industrial Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in PCB production and PCBA assembly, is a connection of research and development, production, marketing in an integrated high-tech enterprisesin China.

Product Details

Simple detail:

Layer: 2L

Material: FR4 +LG LEDs +Wago connectors

Solder mask: White


Surface: LF HASL

Application: LED light.

Why Aibixing 

We can provide turn-key service: R&D, Supply chain management, SMT&TH assembly, Manual&AOI Testing, IC Programming, Function Test, Cable or Mechanical Assembly, Transport and Logistic service.

EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services)
Including one-stop research and development, procurement and supply chain management, PCB manufacturing, SMT/DIP electronics manufacturing services, logistics services, etc.

SMT processing services:
Aibixingprovides professional SMT, through-hole assembly, testing, enclosure assembly of many electronic products' processing. We have fully automatic printing machines, automatic high-speed SMT machines, full automatic multifunction mounters, reflow soldering ovens, automatic preheat and other advanced processing equipments for electronic products.

High temperature resistance SMT adhesive with high adhesion has strong flow performance, high temperature wave soldering impact is 320 degrees, the thrust is up to 5 kg, automatic and semi-automatic printing only needs to be printed once, the amount of glue is full, solve the problem of dropping parts, sticking scraper, leakage printing, improving customer production suburb rate.

The main points for red adhesive paste scraper when PCB mounting are as follows:

1. If fail to shave the adhesive pasted on scraper,try to adjust the pressure of the scraper and the printing speed.

2, reason of red glue itself: red glue viscosity is too high, it is recommended to be replaced.

3. The temperature return time of red glue is not in place. It is suggested that the temperature return time should be 2-3 hours.

4, Red glue composition problems, low flow performance: replace red glue.



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