LED PCB Mounting For Camera

LED PCB Mounting For Camera. Aibixing company provides one-stop electronic manufacturing services from PCB to PCBA for global customers.We have our own PCB factory and SMT production line, professional customer service team, component procurement team and assembly test team, to ensure the quality of each piece PCBA product,supply fast delivery.

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LED PCB Mounting For Camera

The program and production for PCB mounting machine 

There are two stages. One is offline preparation. Second, online debugging. Each factory has different details according to its own mounting model number and management mode. I take our company's process as an example.

Offline preparation is as follows:
1. Firstly, I sorted out the customer's BOM. The programming needs to be done on the computer, so it must be electronic.It's usually in excel format.

2. Coordinate extraction.There are three situations:

(1) If customer sends the coordinates of excel or txt documents that have been exported, it is ok to directly use the programming software to merge the coordinates with the BOM you have sorted out.
(2) If customer sent PCB file, we need to export the coordinates by ourself, generally using protel99 or PADS2007 can export excel format.          
(3) If customer only provided one copy of BOM, but the coordinates could not be provided. At this time, the scanner was needed. After scanning the PCB, the collected points were saved into CAD format, and then the coordinates and BOM were synthesized.

3. Check whether there are omissions or relocations after the synthesis of BOM and coordinates. If there are, the engineering department shall contact customer for confirmation.

In these three steps, offline programming is roughly completed.
Online debugging:
1, Import the programmed program into the machine.
2, Find the origin and mark it.
3, Gradually correct the bit number coordinates.
4, Optimize the saving procedure and check the component direction and data again.
5, Start the machine and make the first prototype confirmation.
What brand of model programming for LED PCB mounting is nothing more than that.

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