LED Mounting Board For LED Lighting

LED Mounting Board for LED Lighting,out daily output of SMT mounting is more than 1.5 million points, we can mounting all kinds of components and BGA pcbs and IC types components, also components as small as 0201 pieces, the minimum SMT pcb can 5*5MM, and the maximum size is 510*460MM can be assembled.

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LED Mounting Board for LED Lighting

At present, LED has gradually occupy the lighting market,and replacing traditional lighting. What is the advantage of mouting LED in energy saving?

Mounting LED are the focus of a high-efficiency and energy-saving industrial upgrade, which is called the beginning of a new revolution in lighting field "integrating environmental protection, short life, high efficiency and energy-saving, high color rendering, no stroboscopic, no ultraviolet, no mosquito, instantaneous start, wide voltage working range, wide width working temperature range and many other advantages.

Its energy-saving and environmental protection is the leader in energy-saving lighting products.If 10% of the conservative light source is replaced by LED every year, it will save 9 billion degrees of electricity, equivalent to cutting 8.64 million tons of carbon dioxide. At present, the laminated LED LED products have permeated into every field of social life.The following is a comparison between several commonly used lamps and LED lamps, and the advantages of LED lamps are expressed quantitatively. 


Mounting LED is 1/10 of the power consumption of incandescent bulbs. And to present energy-saving lamp or daylight lamp used much, energy-saving efficiency is above 50%, and completely avoided the harmful fatal substance in energy-saving lamp or solar lamp tube-- mercury. A rupture of a 36w fluorescent tube could cause mercury vapor in the surrounding air to exceed the standard by more than 2,000 times. Moreover, some of the discarded lamps are not properly handled, and the mercury inside seeps into the ground, which can contaminate hundreds of tons of water per milligram of mercury, which is undoubtedly a great harm to the ecological environment.

The LED mounting can not only face the increasingly serious energy crisis, but also provide an important way for the purification of the ecological environment.Therefore, the potential of SMT LED in energy saving renovation is huge.


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