2835 LED PCBA Board Assembly

2835 LED PCBA Board Assembly

Round LED Lighting Aluminum PCB Assembly Boards,assembled With 2835 LEDs,1.6mm aluminum PCB board, combining with SMT assemly,high pow LED light PCB.

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2835 LED PCBA Board Assembly

With the high speed and high performance of electronic machines, packaging technology has been greatly developed.Chip size packaging(CSP) and BGA  packaging is developing towards multi-pin end and narrow pin distance, and Bare Chip packaging has been applied.As a result of these advances in packaging technologies, new requirements (adapted to high density packaging and high speed) were put forward for Printed circuit Board.

In order to complete the production of a complete PCBA, the previous electronic product manufacturers usually purchase PCB first and then contact SMT manufacturer for processing, the process is very troublesome and cost is much. Nowadays, many electronic manufacturers are willing to choose PCB manufacturers to process PCBs, at the same time let them purchase PCB and do PCB assembly, both of which save a lot of trouble and speed up production efficiency.So PCBA manufacturers can achieve these two efficient processing methods.

PCB production and SMT assembly are two different production methods, many electronic manufacturers only use one of them. Therefore, it is necessary for electronic product manufacturers to consider the strength of PCBA processing manufacturers comprehensively, and select experienced manufacturers who can complete the whole process excellently.

Aibixing Industrial can do PCB manufacturing, material sourcing and PCB SMT assembly together, welcome to your request. 

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