Interior Light PCB Assembly LED Board

Interior Light PCB Assembly LED Board

Interior Light PCB Assembly LED Board. Aibixing is a professional PCB assembly factory.Our LED PCBA products mainly involves: all kinds of LED lamp PCBA, LED flexible light strip PCBA, LED hard light strip PCBA, LED module PCBA, LED module PCBA, LED display PCB assembly, LED light box assembly, LED billboard PCBA, etc.

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Interior Light PCB Assembly LED Board

The electronic products we use in life are all assembled by adding various kinds of resistances, capacitors and other electronic components on PCB board. However, if these various types of electronic components want to be firmly installed on the PCB board, they must be completed through PCB assembly processing.SMT assembly refers to a series of process flow based on PCB, which is used by many PCB manufacturers at present.The following is the technological process of SMT assembly processing.

1. Screen printing: the function is to press solder paste or adhesive onto PCB pads to prepare the components for soldering.The equipment used is silk screen printing machine (screen printing machine), which is located at the front end of SMT production line.

2. Spot glue: drop the glue on the fixed position of PCB board, the main function is to fix the components to PCB board.The equipment used is the dispensing machine, located at the front end of SMT production line or behind the detection equipment.

3. Mounting: the function is to accurately install the surface assembly components to the fixed position of PCB.The equipment used is the mounting machine, located behind the screen printer in the SMT production line.

4. Curing: the function is to melt the solder adhesive, so that the surface assembled components and PCB board can stick together firmly.The equipment used is a curing stove, located behind SMT machine.

5. Reflow soldering: its purpose is to melt the solder paste so that the surface assembled components and PCB plates can stick together.The equipment used is reflow soldering stove, located at the back of SMT machine.

6. Cleaning: the function is to remove harmful welding residues such as flux from assembled PCB boards.The equipment used is a cleaning machine, which can be in any position, online or not.

7. Testing: its function is to test the soldering quality and assembly quality of assembled PCBA boards.The equipment used includes magnifier, microscope, online tester(ICT), flying probe tester, automatic optical detection(AOI), X-ray detection system, function tester, etc.The position can be configured in the right place of the production line according to  detection need.

8. Repair: the function is to rework the PCB board which has been found to be faulty.Tools used are soldering iron, repair workstations, etc. Can be proceeded in any position of production line.

SMT assembly processing has the advantages of high assembly density, small size and light weight for electronic products. At present,it's one of the most popular technologies and processes in the electronic assembly industry.

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