The Status Of Chinese PCB Industrial

- Jul 30, 2018-

China's PCB research and development began in 1956, during 1963-1978 gradually expanding the formation of the PCB industry. More than 20 years after the reform and opening up, due to the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment, single sided PCB, double sided PCB and multilayer PCB board have achieved rapid development, domestic PCB industry gradually developed from small to large. Due to the concentration of downstream industries and relatively low labor and land costs, China has become the region with the strongest development momentum.In 2002, it became the third largest PCB producer.In 2003, PCB output value and import and export value both exceeded 6 billion us dollars, overtaking the United States for the first time and becoming the world's second largest PCB output country. The proportion of output value also increased from 8.54% in 2000 to 15.30%, nearly doubling.In 2006, China has replaced Japan as the world's largest PCB production base by output value and the country with the most active technology development.China's PCB industry has maintained a high growth rate of about 20%, far higher than that of the global PCB industry.

The regional distribution is not balanced

PCB industry in China is mainly distributed in south China and east China, and the sum of the two reaches 90% of the country. The industrial aggregation effect is obvious.This phenomenon is mainly related to the fact that the main production bases of China's electronics industry are concentrated in the pearl river delta and the Yangtze river delta

China PCB industry chain is related.

PCB downstream application distribution

In the downstream application distribution of PCB industry in China, consumer electronics accounts for the highest proportion, reaching 39%.Computers came in second at 22 percent. Communications accounted for 14%;Industrial control/medical devices: 14%; Automotive electronics accounted for 6%; Defense and aerospace accounted for 5 percent.

Outdated technology

Although China is now the world's first in terms of industrial scale, it still lags behind the world's advanced level in terms of the overall technical level of PCB industry.In terms of product structure, multi-layer boards account for most of the proportion of output value, but most of the low-end products below 8 floors, HDI, flexible board and other products have a certain scale but in terms of technical content and Japan and other advanced foreign products there is a gap, the highest technical content of IC board in China is very few enterprises can produce.