The International Situation For PCB Industrial

- Nov 07, 2018-

The global PCB industry accounts for more than a quarter of the total output value of the electronic components industry, and it is the largest industry among all the electronic components segment industries, with an industrial scale of $70 billion.At the same time, due to its unique position in the electronic basic industry, it has become the most active industry in the contemporary electronic components industry. In 2013 and 2014, the global PCB output value increased by 5.27% and 16.47% year on year, respectively.

Copper clad plate: copper clad plate is the product of glass fiber cloth and copper foil pressed together with epoxy resin as the fusion agent. It is the direct raw material of PCB, printed circuit board is made after etching, electroplating and laminated plate pressing. Copper clad plate industry capital demand is not high, about 30-40 million yuan or so, and can be discontinued or changed production at any time.In the upstream and downstream industrial chain structure, CCL has the strongest bargaining power. It can not only have a strong voice in the procurement of raw materials such as fiberglass cloth and copper foil, but also transfer the pressure of rising costs to downstream PCB manufacturers as long as the downstream demand is reasonable.In the third quarter, the price of copper clad plate began to rise, the range of price increase is about 5-8%, the main driving force is to reflect the price rise of copper foil, and the strong demand downstream can digest the price pressure passed by CCL manufacturers. Nanya, the world's second largest copper clad plate manufacturer, also raised product prices on December 15, 2016, indicating that PCB demand is in good shape in at least the first quarter of 2016.