The Application Of UV Laser Processing In PCB Industry(1)

- Nov 16, 2017-

For laser cutting or drilling in PCB industry, only need a few or more than 10 watts of UV laser, without kwatt level of laser power.because the UV laser processing system has a flexible way of processing, high precision machining effect, flexible and controllable process, thus it become the first choice for laser drilling and cutting of flexible PCB. board and thin PCB board. 

Today, the laser-equipped long life laser source is nearly free of maintenance.In the production process, the laser level is level 1, and no need other protective devices.With its intuitive and easy software control, laser technology is replacing the traditional mechanical process and saving the cost for special cutting tools.

When PCB subdivision or cutting is carried out, the wavelength can be selected about 10.6 mu m CO2 laser system.Its processing cost is relatively low, the laser power that provides can reach several kilowatts.But it produces a lot of heat in the cutting process, causing the edges severe carbonization.

UV laser wavelength is 355 nm.The laser beam with this kind wavelength is very easy to focus on optics.The less than 20 watts UV laser has a diameter of only 20 mu of m after focusing- and its energy density can be even comparable to that of the sun's surface.

Advantages of UV laser processing

UV laser is especially suitable for cutting and marking of rigid PCB, rigid-flex PCB, flexible PCB boards,and accessories.So what are the advantages of this laser technology?

In the area of SMT cutting PCB boards and PCB industry microboreholes, the UV laser cutting system shows great technical advantages. Depending on the difference of the PCB material thickness, the laser will cut at once or several times along the required contour.The thinner the PCB material, the faster to be cut.If the accumulated laser pulses are lower than the laser pulses needed to penetrate the material, only scratch the material surface; therefore, a QR code or bar code can be used on the material to track information of subsequent process.

UV laser pulse energy process on material only for microsecond time, beside the incision several micrometers, there is no heat affected obviously,so no need to consider the heat damage to components.PCB circuit lines and solder joints near the edge are intact and no burrs.

In addition, UV laser system integrate CAM software can directly import the data exported from CAD and edit the laser cutting paths, forming laser cutting profile, choose suitable processing parameter database for different material,then can do directly laser processing.The laser system is suitable for PCB mass production and PCB prototype.