Shenzhen China Aluminium and Copper PCB MCPCB

- Jul 04, 2017-

Welcome to Aibixing Industrial

Aibixing Industrial Co.,Ltd  is a newly company which founded in 2008. At beginning we were only focus on manufacturing Printed Circuit Boards. But now Aibixing Industrial has become a rapidly growing worldwide provider of solutions in three principal areas - Printed Circuit Boards for FR4 and metal core PCB, PCB Assembly and Components Procurement. We are dedicated to building solid partnerships and providing flexible solutions to enable our customer's success.
We have years of experiences in Electronic board field. From prototype to production and scheduled deliveries we are able to guarantee a complete service with technical backup, offering a cost advantage and continuity of supply. 
Company's Culture:
The Core Values: Integrity, Responsibility, Close attention
Our core competitiveness: Quality, Technology, Speed, Cost, Flexibility
Quality Policy:
High quality, High efficiency; Promise keeping and Sustainable PCB produce and pcb assembly services development.

Our services Range:
1.Rigid PCB (up to 16 Layers),
  Flexible PCB/FPC (1~6 Layers),
  Rigid-Flex (2~10 Layers),
  Aluminum-based PCB (1~2 Layers),
  High Density Interconnection/ HDI PCB,
2. PCBA Assembly Services
3. Components purchasing

4. SMT stencil manufacturing

Application of OEM pcb smt assembly pcb:
It can be used in some electronics function control prducts or come ture some industrial function . Actually all the boards that we want to manufacture is based on your design, your gerber file,your bom list, or your requirement about the funcation of the comsumer or other electronics,or the diagram schematic will be needed for us to design a perfect simple yellow electronic board for your comsumer electronics products. 
Our Mission:
Credit on Customers/ Focus on Quality/ Rely on Management/ Keen on Improvement
Requested information for PCB Assembly quotation and producation: 
1. Gerber file & BOM list if possible
2. PCBA Samples
3. Testing procedure & Testing fixtures
4. Order Quantity