Selection Of Large Core Plates

- May 18, 2017-

Large core plate surface should be flat, no warping, distortion, no foaming, hollow; The core bars are evenly arranged, the gaps are small, the core strips are not decayed, broken, wormhole, and knots. Some joinery board jerry-building, solid wood bar cracks, if the cracks in the nail, the basic no grip force. When consumers choose to look at the sun, the cracks in the solid wood strip will be white. If the glued strength of blockboard is not good, it will be a self-financing "squeak" upper off sole sound. If the large core board emits a scent of wood, the emission of formaldehyde is less, and if the odor is pungent, the formaldehyde emission is more.

The quality of the big core board varies greatly, and should be inspected carefully when purchasing. First look at the core material is dense, there is no obvious seam and rotten metamorphic wood, there is no clear seam and rotten wood, rotten wood, the possible existence of eggs, the future is prone to insect borers, and then look around there is no good glue, fill putty phenomenon, this phenomenon is generally to compensate for the internal cracks or voids; again, with the beak of the plate on the surface, listen to the sound of a large difference, if the sound has changed, the plate inside the hole. These phenomena will reduce the overall load-bearing capacity of the plate, the long-term force uneven structure will distort the plate, deformation, affect the appearance and use effect.