RoHS Fr4 0.5oz Copper Foil PCB with Assembly Services

- Jul 08, 2017-

As a service-leading PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly (PCBA) partner, Aibixing Industrial strives to support international small-medium business with 9 years engineering experience in Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS).We were approved by ISO9001-2008, TS16949, UL, CE, RoHS.

Our aim is to provide the best value in the industry based on product quality, turn-around time and low prices. Our experienced engineers and helpful support staff will ensure that you get copper foil PCB made exactly to your specifications, and offer you the most effective and optimized solutions.

Your copper foil PCB demand will be perfectly handled by our professional production line and responsible work team.

1.How we ensure the quality of circuit board manufacturing and assembly?
We choose top sheet suppliers to ensure stable performance (general FR-4). During the manufacturing process, automatic copper plating lines and high-speed drilling machines to make accuracy and fast delivery guaranteed. All printed circuit board will be detected by advanced automatic flying probe machines (or test fixture) at subsequent stages to make sure each PCB is OK from inner circuits to outline.
2.How long will you get the goods of PCB manufacturing and assembly?
In general, PCB sample is delivered in 24~72 hours. Volume production can be completed in 7 working days. If for subsequent PCB assembly and test requirements, the lead time could be less than 15 days.
3.What measures we take to avoid counterfeit components?
Procurement only from manufacturer or big general agent
Original quality certificate of component can be issued (if necessary)  
Inspections of shape, silkscreen and conductivity attributes in incoming quality control
Strong responsibilities and perspectives of long-term relationship
4.What measures we take to protect clients IP and confidentiality?
Sign NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement)
Using number code in stead of client name during manufacturing process
Separate assembly workshop and taking photo is NOT allowed
Documents of engineering process are archived and reserved