Quality is The Base of PCB Products

- Jul 21, 2017-

Survey shows that quality, reputation, service These are the main factors that consumers choose products, which is the most quality of most people. Good quality, good quality of home appliances is everyone wants. Just past 2012, Skyworth TV sales continue to lead in the industry, the national sales reached 8.1 million units, products sold at home and abroad. Achieve such a result is inseparable from the excellent quality of Skyworth TV.

Quality is the base of all products, so is PCB industry.

Any industry, the market dominate the quality of those who are guaranteed business. If a company's product quality does not meet the market requirements, can not meet the needs of consumers, it is destined to be eliminated by the market. Skyworth has always been the quality management as the key factor to enhance the core competitiveness of the market, in the production vigorously promote the "stresses the quality, efficiency, re-improve" the quality of the strategy, the depth of mining staff potential, quality improvement for the purpose of continuous optimization process Control, improve product quality, each product in the factory have to go through a number of procedures to ensure that no problem products into the market.

In order to instill this idea into every employee, we set up a leading group of quality management activities, closely around the "total quality management, vigorously promote research, production, sales system, full, the whole process QCC quality special improvement activities" The guiding ideology, "focus on product quality, quality improvement, quality improvement" for the purpose of extensive in the production, and constantly mobilize the enthusiasm of staff production, and firmly establish the quality of the first, safety first production concept. We look forward to become leading PCB factory in Shenzhen.