Processing Technology Of Large Core Plate

- May 18, 2017-

The processing technology of large core plate is divided into two kinds of machine spell and hand. Manual spelling is the use of wooden bars inserted into the splint, the wood is less extruded, stitching uneven, gap large, nail grip, can not sawing processing, only suitable for part decoration of the sub-project, such as to do solid wood flooring mat plate and so on. and the machine to spell the plate by the squeeze pressure, the gap is minimal, stitching flat, uniform gravity, long-term use, compact structure not easily deformed.

Material different, the quality of different, large core plates according to the merits of the material and the texture of the surface material is divided into "excellence", "first-class products" and "qualified products." There are enterprises to scale the plates to a Class A, double A and three A-level, but this is only business behavior, and national standards do not conform, the current market has not allowed this annotation. Large core plates have many kinds of timber, such as poplar, birch, pine, paulownia, etc., with poplar, birch as the best, dense texture, wood is not soft and hard, strong grip nail force, not easy to deformation, and the paulownia texture is very light, soft, absorb moisture, grip nails, not easy to dry, made of the plate in the use of the process, when the moisture evaporation, the plates are prone to cracking and deformation. and hard wood texture, not easy to suppress, splicing structure is not good, the nail grip is poor, deformation coefficient is large.

Joinery board the use of furniture, doors and windows and sets, partitions, fake walls, heating enclosures, curtain boxes, and so on.