Process Requirements For Large Core Plates

- May 18, 2017-

The large core plate process requirements are very high, not only need enough space for timber to have sufficient time to adapt to natural drying, but also through the drying kiln strictly control process. In addition, the quality of its processing equipment not only needs a lot of capital investment, but also can guarantee the product processing precision and quality key. In particular, after the state compulsory decoration of harmful substances limited to the standard, the adhesive for large-core plates must be improved, this only one cost increases around 10%%, coupled with the continuous upgrading of raw materials prices, so can say that the real Green Core Board fifty or sixty yuan is not possible to produce, in line with national standards of the E1-level large core board, 90 yuan is already meager profit. If consumers still blindly pursue cheap to buy those seriously harmful to human health, cheap and inferior large core board, regular production enterprises will be difficult to survive.