Opportunities and challenges in PCB industry in China

- Aug 04, 2017-

Although the new application has high requirements for raw materials and manufacturing processes, PCB products with low technical difficulties still account for a high proportion in the market.Therefore, improving manufacturing yield is a direct reflection of enterprise competitiveness.Such as BGA welding reliability problems, technical problems in the process of small size PCB processing, thick copper processing process of the control, etc., are all PCB enterprise needs to take seriously in the process of development and solve the problem.

Specific market challenges are: first, emerging technologies and applications pose challenges to manufacturing processes.In particular, the consumption electron, the size is smaller, the density is large, the spacing of the component leads is shrinking, and the PCB manufacturing and welding technology is highly required.Second, the IC industry is squeezing PCB's high-end market.The new MIS packaging process and high-end PCB market competition have appeared;Third, the market competition intensifies, it is difficult for the enterprise to do big.Four is the shortage of professionals, and the training of manufacturing talents will be "from the dolls".

As the PCB industry has transitioned from high speed to industrial upgrading, the competition in the industry has intensified. Many PCB manufacturers have also started to engage in the production of downstream electronic patches and plug-ins.According to statistics, there are more than 5,000 professional patch factories and plug-in factories in China.Foreign purchasers in China purchase circuit boards, patch/plug-in products and final electronic products account for more than half of their total procurement.Can be seen from the top the list, in the context of the overall industry, the gap between the enterprises is not large, sales income in 20-4 billion yuan more than 15, PCB or a industry with high dispersion, one or several dominant situation it is difficult to form.This is very different from the development of IC manufacturing.

With the development of China's PCB industry gradually maturing, the growth rate of the industry tends to be stable, the development will gradually slow down, and the search for new market growth points becomes the most urgent problem of PCB.At the same time, the environmental protection department will continue to strengthen the regulation of environmental protection, and have higher requirements for corporate environmental assessment.To understand environmental policy hotspots and requirements and adhere to green intelligent manufacturing is a key issue that must be paid attention to in the health and rapid development of PCB industry.In addition, the price of raw materials that has lasted for two years is a problem that the PCB industry needs to solve.Faced with a series of thorny problems, companies are trying to find innovation and development.