Multilayer HDI PCB with SMT Assembly Service

- Jun 30, 2017-

Welcome to Shenzhen Aibixing Industrial Co., Ltd

We are the Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) manufacturer with 9 years experience, specialized in single-sided, 2-layerd, multilayer and high density interconnector (HDI) PCB.

Basic Info.

Dielectric:FR-4Material: Fiberglass Epoxy
Application:Consumer ElectronicsFlame Retardant Properties: V0
Mechanical Rigid: RigidProcessing Technology: Electrolytic Foil
Base Material: CopperInsulation Materials: Epoxy Resin
Specification: ROHS,ULPackage: Vacuum Package
Origin: Shenzhen ChinaCertificate:UL, RoHS, ISO9001

Our company product focus on quick turn PCB, small and medium volume PCB,1-16 layers board including High density interconnection board, High frequency, High TG, impedance control,thick copper. Aluminum base,coper base PCB, flexible board and rigid-flexible board also can be produced.

Our PCB process capability

PCB DescriptionOur PCB Board Capability
PCB Surface Finisheselectrolytic nickel-gold,
HASL(Lead Free, ENIG (Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold, Carbon Ink, Golden Fingers, OSP (Entek, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver
PCB Max. Size1200mm*600mm
PCB Min. Size5mm*5mm
Bow & Twist ToleranceSingle Sided;1.0%,Double Sided;0.7%, Muti-Layer;0.5%
Min. Board Thickness & Tolerance0.2mm-4mm;0.08mm
PCB Min. trace/spacingTin board:0.1mm;20%(8mil;0%)
Copper to Board Edge Spacing0.5mm(20mil)
Hole to Trace Spacing0.3mm(12mil)
Min. Hole Diameter0.2mm±.076mm(8mil±3mil)
Min. Hole Clearance0.4mm±.076mm(16mil±3mil)
Copper Thickness on Hole Wall20-25um(0.79mil-1.0mil)
Hole Location Tolerance±0.076mm(l±3mil)
Min Diameter of Punching HoleFR-4 board thickness≤1.0mm(40mil):1.0mm(40mil)
PCB Min. Punching SlotFR-4 CEM-3 board thickness≤1. 0mm(40mil):0.8 mm×0.8 mm(32mil×32mil)
Trace width variation±0.076mm(±3mil)
Outline ToleranceRouting:±0.1mm (±4mil)  ,Punching:±0.05mm (±2mil)
PCB BOARD TypeSingle-sided, double-sided, multi-layer
Major MaterialFR-4,high frequency laminates, Aluminum,NiFe-based, copper base
PCB BOARD Thickness0.2-3.5mm
Base Copper Thickness11um  35um  70um  105um
Max. aspect ratio(board thickness: hole size)8:1
V-Cut Board Thickness0.4mm -3.2mm(16mil -128mil)
Min SMT Pitch0.3mm(12mil)
Min. Component mark0.15mm(6mil)
Min. width of annular ring(finished)0.15mm(6mil)/side
Min pad opening0.076mm(3mil)