How to Inspect Completed Circuit Board Before Welding

- Aug 09, 2017-

Usually, as an electronics engineer, you can't check the quality of the circuit boards completely, but you can do it according to below steps.

I usually take a few principles to make circuit board: 

  1. PCB manufacturer must have a good reputation and quality control measures (can go to the factory inspection), that is, the qualified suppliers must be qualified;

  2. Before the design, understand the process capability of PCB manufacturer, and design the PCB to not exceed or reach the technological limit;

  3. Ask PCB manufacturer to produce the test report when giving you PCB;

  4. When take the circuit board in hand, the first visual PCB surface should be smooth and clean, no burr, second is to use multimeter to measure the power and ground, make sure there are no short circuit, circuit board with a magnifying glass to check without break, etc.Through the above four points, it is basically guaranteed that the quality of PCB is reliable.