Fudan university R&D of 'Paper Computer' is Possible for New PCB Technology

- Jul 28, 2017-

Yang zhenguo, a professor of materials science at Fudan university, showed off a newly developed double-sided flexible printed circuit board in this room. Method of making the circuit board is known as "printing - adsorption catalytic addition method", this new process will be for the green, low cost, mass, volume of flexible printed circuit provides a new way to realize industrialization will break after the field of high-end technology and flexible electronic products mostly monopolized by foreign companies.

The printed circuit board is the board of the secondary packaging of all electronic components, realizing the electrical interconnection between the electronic components. At present, China is the world's largest producer of printed circuit boards. In 2013, China's printed circuit board output exceeded rmb180bn, accounting for about 39 per cent of world output.

The most common type of conductive circuit for producing printed circuit boards in industry is lithographic etching.This kind of technology has the problem of high material consumption, high production process, large discharge of waste liquid and weight of environmental protection, etc., which cannot be adapted to the development requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction and efficiency and reduction in the manufacturing industry in today's manufacturing industry.

Zhen-guo Yang, he has a team of research and development of the technology compared to the previous process, with no waste, low pollution, the circuit performance is good, strong adhesive force, can directly produce double-sided flexible circuit board, etc.The biggest advantage is very green, much less pollution than corrosion etching method, the second process is simple, can significantly reduce costs, to better adapt to the needs of the development of the industrialization which is manufacturing and large-scale promotion can be the premise of bending roll screen.Professor Yang's team will present their research at the China international industrial expo.

The basic material of the circuit board is the simplest plastic (10160, 130.00, 1.30%) thin film, so once it is put into production, the scope will be broader, Yang said.This means that current electronics can be made even thinner and thinner, and sci-fi movies like a sheet of screen and computer can be a reality.

It is reported that professor Yang's research and exploration of flexible printed circuit is still deepening."In the future, we will try to use organic materials to make chips, further reduce costs and reduce pollution, and finally achieve full and fully printed flexible electronic products.""Yang said.