Fr4 170tg (FLEX-RIGID) Antenna PCB (ISO, UL, SGS)

- Jul 29, 2017-

Shenzhen Aibixing Industrial CO.,LTD is a professional PCB manufacturer which is focus on MCPCB, double side, Multilayer and HDI pcb mass production. The company was established on 2008. With highly skilled professional employees, high quality products, competitive price and on-time delivery, we provide very professional sales,technical and logistic supports,customers significantly and effectively reduce their global procurement costs.

Below is the MCPCB capability.

Raw materialAluminum base, Cooper base
Layer1-2 Layer
Min.Line width/space4mil/4mil(0.1mm/0.1mm)
Min.hole size12mil(0.3mm)
Max. Board size1500mm*560mm
Finished board thickness0.3-5mm
Cooper foil thickness35um-210um(1OZ-6OZ)
Remain thickness tolerance+/-0.1mm
Hole position tolerance+/-0.05mm
Routhing outline tolerance+/-0.15mm
Puntching outline tolerance+/-0.1mm
Surface finishedLead free HASL, Immersion gold, imersion silver, OSP ect
MCPCB Production capability8,000 a.q.m/month

FAQ : 

Q1: How can I got quotation:
. Please send gerber file with format.PCB / .P-CAD / .DXP / .CAD / .Gerber              

Q2: Can you manufacture my PCBs from a picture file?
. It's difficult, the best way is please you provide sample.

Q3: Do you have pcb in stock?
. Most of our pcb board are customised, which according to gerber file.
. We have sample in stock could sent to you for a quality checking always.

Q4: What board manufacturer do you use for FR4?
. Main material brands for FR4: Kingboard (Hong Kong), NanYa (Taiwan) and Shengyi (China).

Q5: Will my PCB files be checked?
. Checked within 12 hours. Once Engieer question and working file checked, production will start.

Q6: Does Aibixing bevel gold fingers?
. Yes. A standard 45-degree bevel,  also bevel at 15 or 30 degrees upon request. For multi-layer board, please ensure there is adequate back set for the bevels.

Q7: My assembly company need the PCBs as panelized, can you do this for me?
. Yes. We can panelize your circuits upon your request.