Electronics 1-16 Layers PCB Manufacturer Supplier

- Jul 04, 2017-

Aibixing Industrial provide one-stop PCB assembly service, we can offer 1 to 16 Layer PCB fabrication, PCB layout, PCB manufacturing, PCB Assemblies, components sourcing, PCBA Function Test, packing and shipping.

Aibixing Industrial employs and develops a team of experienced management directors and efficient production workers,which keep the management and production cost under control. These advantages provide enough profits to Aibixing, as well as greatly reduce customer's purchase cost.

Aibixing works with customers to reduce their purchase cost, by our rich experience in management and manufacture, maximized utilization of materials and facilities, and well-trained operational workers. Aibixing's price can be 20% lower than some other competitors on some cases.

Maximized raw material utilization reduces the material cost greatly, and enables Aibixing to use better raw materials. Maximized facilities utilization improves Aibixing's production efficiency and shorten the lead time. High labor efficiency reduces labor cost, and enables Aibixing to provide better training and welfare for the workers. 

Customer Benefits 

Better quality with better raw materials.

Saves valuable time and money for customer.

Well trained and efficient worker improves quality and lead time.

Quick response, Aibixing can reply Customer's any enquiry within 2 hours;
More than 180 type of PCB can be worked out Every day;
24 hours technique Support;
24 hours Engineering Gerber files treatment.
24 hours English Engineering Questions Confirmation by E-mail.
Experienced Impedance Designer.
Supply the best project fit for production customized