Development Status Of PCB Industry In China

- Dec 21, 2017-

Development status of PCB industry in China

From the perspective of output composition, the main products of China's PCB industry have shifted from single sided and double sided to multi-layer pcb, and are improving from 4 ~ 6 layers to 6~8 layers or more. With the rapid growth of multi-layer pcbs, HDI pcbs and flexible pcb boards, China's PCB industrial structure is gradually being optimized and improved.

However, although China's PCB industry has made great progress, there is still a big gap between it and advanced countries, and there is still a lot of room for improvement and improvement in the future. First of all, China entered the PCB industry late, there is no specialized PCB R&D institutions, in some new technology R&D capabilities and foreign manufacturers have a big gap. Secondly, from the perspective of product structure, it still focuses on the production of medium and low level PCB boards. Although FPC and HDI grow rapidly, their proportion is still not high due to small base. Thirdly, China's PCB production equipment is mostly dependent on imports, and some core raw materials can only be imported. The incomplete industrial chain also hinders the development of domestic PCB series enterprises.

General evaluation of PCB industry

As the most widely used electronic component product, PCB has a strong vitality.Judging from the relationship between supply and demand and the historical cycle, at the beginning of 2006, the industry entered a boom climbing stage, and the continued strong downstream demand has driven the shipments of various manufacturers in the PCB industrial chain level by level, forming at least in the first quarter of 2006, "the weak season is not weak" situation. Upgrade the industry rating from "avoid" to "good".

PCB industry status

The global PCB market has successfully recovered and grown thanks to the support of new terminal products and new markets.According to the data of Hong Kong PCB association (HKPCA), the global PCB market is expected to grow by 6-9% in 2011 and 9-12% in China. An analysis by the Taiwan institute of industrial research (IEK) predicts that global PCB output will grow by 10.36% to $41.615bn in 2011. Prismark's data analysisand a report released by the Prismark securities research and development center showed that the changes of PCB application structure and product structure reflected the development trend of the industry. Come with single/double sided pcb and multilayper pcb decline in output, HDI board, flex pcb board increase in output, it indicates that the growth for pcbs applied in computer motherboard, communication backboard, automobile board and other fields is relatively slow, while the growth of pcbs applied in high-end mobile phones, laptops and other "thin and short" electronic products will maintain rapid growth.