Cutter Jz150 for PCB Cut machine Jz-380

- Aug 04, 2017-

Aibixing Industrial added one new V-Grooving Machine at end of July,2017

Model: JZ-380( for normal based CCL)
JZ-380-A (for Aluminum based CCL)

Purpose: The equipment is designed for grooving of aluminum core PCB.

Character: The uniformity of grooving deepness is fine, the top and bottom cutter spindle can be adjusted transversely or vertically. The guide board is equipped with fine-tuning device, it is convenient for cutters aiming. The figure is compact, the structure is firmly, and the machine is durable.

Cutting Speed: 0-7.5 Meter/Minute (Adjustable)
Specifications of Blade: OD50mm (or 51mm) X ID25mm X Thickness2.5mm (or 2.0mm)
Size of work piece: Width: 30- 360mm Length: 80-600mm
Quantity of Blade: 6 PCS (3 Top and 3 Bottom)
Electric source and Power: AC380V 1KW
Machine Dimension: 660mm X 380mm X 1050mm.