China's Printed Circuit Industry Status

- Dec 14, 2017-

The printed circuit board association of America (IPC) reported that the book-to-bill ratio of total printed circuit board manufacturers in North America in February 2011 was 0.95, meaning that for every $100 product shipped that month, only $95 new orders were received. The B/B value is below 1 for the fifth consecutive month, and the industry prosperity in North America has not recovered substantially.


· the Japanese earthquake affected the supply of some PCB raw materials in short term, which is conducive to the transfer of production capacity to Taiwan and the mainland in medium and long term.

· high-end PCB manufacturers accelerate the expansion of production in the mainland, and the transfer of technology, capacity and orders to the mainland is the general trend.

· Taiwan China electronics news reported that PCB board manufacturers in China and South Korea will be big winners due to supply chain disruption in Japan.


  Taiwan industry research institute (IEK) analysts point out that benefit from the global economic recovery and overall consumption in emerging countries, Taiwan PCB industry in 2011 is expected to grow 29% global moving further into China. CIC advisory analysis report says, according to a report in the printed circuit board industry in China under the situation of domestic growth and global capacity for transfer, will enter the high-speed growth period. By 2014, China's PCB industry will account for 41.92% of the global total.

The gap with developed countries

After nearly half a century's hard work, China's printed circuit industry has become an indispensable important foundation and guarantee for China's electronic information industry, and its output value ranks second in the world.In 2004, the total output value of PCB in China has reached 8.15 billion US dollars, and the total import and export value is 8.9 billion us dollars. It is not long before it is expected to be No.1 in the world.

China is a big country in the production of electronic circuits and PCB, but it is far from a powerful country in production. There is still a big gap between China and developed countries in PCB industry.