Aluminum Rigid PCB for LED Strip

- Jul 08, 2017-

PCB Product Description

  • Flame Retardant Properties: V0

  • Processing Technology: Electrolytic Foil

  • Insulation Materials: Epoxy Resin

  • Layers: 1-16 Layers

  • Max. Board Size: 600*1200mm

  • Min. Line Width/Space: 3mil/3mil Hoz Copper Base(Inner Layer)

  • Min. Solder Mask Bridge: 3.2mil(Hoz Base Copper, Green)

  • Min. Blind/Burried Via: 8mil

  • Origin: Shenzhen, China

  • Material: Fiberglass Epoxy

  • Type: Single-sided, doubled sided and multi-layer PCB:CEM-1, FR-4, High TG FR-4, Aluminum base material

  • Specification: CE, UL, RoHs, SGS

  • HS Code: 8534009000

  • Surface treatment: HAL, HASL, HASL Lead Free, Immersion Gold/ Silver/ Tin, OSP

  • Standard: 94V0 compliant, and adhere to IPC610 Class 2

  • Test: 100% E-Test

SMT assembly

  • SMT( Surface Mounting Technology ), COB, DIP

  • Material source service, one-stop service

  • IC programming and Burning on-line

  • Function testing as requested

  • Packing design

Factory  Manufacture  Capability
NOITEMTechinical    capabilities
1Min. hole  size8mil
2PTH  wall  thickness≥ 1mil
3Hole  dia. tolerance± 3mil
4Hole  dia. tolerance± 2mil
5Countersink  holeMin. depth(D)6mil; The  Depth  of  tolerance± 6mil
6Drilling  hole  positional  deviation(outer  layer)1st-drill  ± 3mil(Normal)  ± 2mil(min. )                  
2nd-drill  ± 4mil
7Min. solder  mask  bridge3.2mil(HOZ  base  copper,   green)
8Outline  tolerance± 4mil
9Twist  &   Bow≤ 0.75%
10Peelable  mask  thickness≥ 8mil  1  printing
21Insulation  Resistance> 1012Ω   Normal
12Through    hole
< 300Ω   Normal
13Current  breakdown10A
14Peel  strength1.4N/mm
15S/M  abrasion> 6H
16Thermal  stress28  degrees  20Sec
17Test  Voltage20-300V
18Min. blind/burried  via8mil
19Surface  finishHAL  ENIG  IMAG  IMSN  OSP  HAL+G/F  ENIG+G/F
20Impedance  controlSingle  ended  impedance  50Ω /70Ω ± 10%  Normal
Differential  impedance  90Ω /100Ω ± 10%  Normal
21Max. aspect  ratio12: 1