Aluminum Price Will Be Rised Up Again in The 2nd Half Year of 2017

- Aug 13, 2017-

Since the second half year of 2016, nearly all the raw materials (copper, aluminum, carton, etc.) price rised up for many times, in the year to April or may it appears to be stable, but resultly in August we received the news that the aluminum price will rise again. Because at present the country environmental protection supervision (rectification project of electrolytic aluminium industry violation action) in ongoing work, seal up, fine and shut down factories. lead to million tons of electrolytic aluminium production capacity announced closed down.

In May, Xinjiang East Hope 800,000 tons, Xinjiang Jialun 150,000-ton, Xinjiang Tianlong 100,000 tons and Xinjiang's 20,000 tons announced aluminum production shutdown.

Xinjiang Hope 800,000 tons, Xinjiang Qiya 800,000 tons, xinjiang Jiarun 400,000 tons stopped construction.

In June, China's largest electrolytic aluminium company, a project owned by Shandong Weiqiao start-up group, was reported to have cut production by 250,000 tonnes.

In July, Xinfa Group was investigated for 1.1 million tons of illegal production capacity and got a hefty fine due to pollution discharge.

In August, the price of aluminium ingot in the big markets rose to a high level.


As the increase of shutting down production capacity, causing extremely tight supply of electrolytic aluminium industry, insider estimate, in the second half of electrolytic aluminium is expected to increase by 1000 yuan/ton, and there will be a supply gap, the market for aluminium prices have been forseen 16000 yuan/ton fo 18000 yuan/tons is great possibilities.

Because of aluminum crazy prices, the cost of the doors and Windows enterprise is much higher, and aluminum PCB manufacturing industry also has a huge influence, having big cost pressure, profit space is little, order lost, so only constantly adjust the product price. The price increases will inevitably lead to the loss of customers, the order volume decrease, and the sales volume will drop sharply.

Face to price increases of the affair, the aluminum PCB factory should rethink theirselves if strong enough, good grasp of the product positioning is the key, starting from steady and prudent internal work, mainly take time and cost to the products quality. Any product and enterprise, in order to exploit market and occupy a place, the first point is that their product is required and quality is approved, they can establish the good reputation, even the prices rise up, customers are also willing to continue to cooperate with you, after all, almost all aluminum PCB factory are increasing price.