Aluminium PCB for COB Electronic Linghting Board

- Jul 04, 2017-


Factory  Manufacturing  Capability
NOITEMTechinical    capabilities
1MaterialsFR-4, CEM-3,  Al Base, Cooper Base.
3Layers 1 Layer
4Min. core  material PP
5Max. board  size600mm *1200mm
6Copper  Thickness1-5 OZ
7Min. board  thickness0.4 mm
8Max. board  thickness5.0 mm
9Min. line  width/space0.1mm
10Min. Letter line width0.15mm
11Min. Letter height0.8mm
12Min. hole  size0.75mm(NPTH)
13Hole  dia. tolerance ±0.05mm
14solder  Mask White, Black, Green, red, grey
15Outline  Tolerance±0.15mm
16ModelingPunching,  Routing, V-score
17Special HoleBlind hole, Blind slot, T-hole, T-slot, Counter sink hole, Cup hole
18Peel  Strength>=1.3N/mm
19Thermal  Stress288oC, 2min
20Thermal  Conductivity>=2.0 W/m-k
21Thermal  Resistance≤0.55 oC/W
22Test  Voltage5 V
23Surface  FinishHAL , OSP , Immersion Gold
24File FormatGerber, DPF, HPGL, CAM, DXP, CADM, PADS
25Dielectric Breakdown>=2.5 KV
26Max. Package Size1200mm*600 mm

 How to get a quote?( need provide us below information:)

Project Surface Finish 
Note Stencil Manufacturing 
Number of Layers Stencil Material 
Material Stencil Thickness(um) 
Material Thickness(mm) Stencil Format 
Copper Thickness(um) PCB Dimensions(mm) 
Solder Mask Color Min Finished Hole Size(mm) 
Silk Screen Color Min Clearance(mm) 
Milling Min Track Width(mm) 


Certification: UL, ISO14001, ISO9001, SGS, TS16949

COB PCB products are used for high power led, electronics, machinery, industrial lighting and so on.
Good price and best price.

a) Base material: FR4/ AL/ COPPER/ CEM-1/ CEM-3/ 94v0/ Rogers
b) Board thickness: 1.6mm-3.2mm/ 0.3mm-1.2mm
c) Copper thickness: Hoz/ 1oz/ 2oz/ 3oz/ 4oz, ect
d) Surface treatment: eg. Immersion gold/silver/ OSP/ LF HASL
e) color of solder mask and silkscreen: Green/White/Black/Red/Blue/Yellow
f) Quantity and board size

Delivery Time
-Single layer 3days
-Double Side  4-5days
-Aluminum PCB 3days
-Urgent Routing sample could be 1-2 days.
Mass Production
-Single layer standard 7 days
-Double Side standard 8days
-Aluminum PCB standard 7days
-Material availability dependant.

Package & Shipping Method:
-Vacuum package, Carton box with packing belt.
-By DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT
-By EMS (Usually for Russia Clients)
-By sea for mass quantity per customer's requirement
Primary Competitive Advantages:
-Country of Origin
-Green Product
-Competitive Price
-Product Performance
-Quality Approvals
-Good Service
-Small Orders Accepted