A Brief Introduction To Large Core Plates

- May 18, 2017-

Large core board (commonly known as joinery board, woodworking board is a solid wood core plywood, it will cut logs into strips, splicing into core, external veneer processing, its vertical (to the core plate to distinguish) bending pressure strength, but lateral bending pressure is higher. Surface materials can be divided into Triad boards, Guean, etc., according to the tree can be divided into Liu An, beech, teak and so on, the quality of fine blockboard surface smooth, not easy warping distortion, and can be based on the surface of the light of the situation will be divided into a plate of light and two types of light, both sides of the plate can be used to make furniture panels, doors and windows and other key decorative materials. Now the market is mostly solid, glue, double-sided sanding, five-storey joinery board, size specifications for 1220 mmx2440mm.