Single Sided Steel Base PCB for Power Products

Detail info:
Layer: 1layers
Material: Steelbase
Thermal conductivity: 2.0w/m.k
Board thickness:1.5mm
Copper thickness:1.0oz

Product Details

Detail info: 

Layer: 1layers
Material: Steelbase
Thermal conductivity: 2.0w/m.k
Board thickness:1.5mm
Copper thickness:1.0oz
Surface treatment: LF HASL
Solder mask: Green
Application: Powerproducts.

AibixingIndustrial CO.,Ltd is an expert at PCB manufacturer, located in Shenzhen of China. It is specialized in manufacturing MCPCB,multilayer PCB and PCBA. The products are widely used in street lighting , lawn lamp, fluorescent lamps, electronics, machinery,communications,automobileetc. industry. We have a professional team of PCB production and full sets of advanced producing and testing equipments formanufacturing PCB. All our products meet the UL safety standards and we have the manufacturing capability of ISO9001,ISO14001,RoHS, Reach,TS16949 compliance.
The MCPCB products include: aluminum base(1-2layer), copper/copper-al (sinkpad/ thermoelectric separation pedestal), rigid-flex, steel base.
Factoryareais over 6,000 square meters.
Employee: 300+
Capacity: 10000m2
Generally L/T for aluminum pcb: 6~8days, sample:3days; copper/steel pcb: 8~10days, sample:4~5days.

Key Specifications/Special Features:
Layer: 1-16
Material: FR4 Laminate RoHS Compliance/High TG/Halogen Free/MetalBase
PCB Thickness: 0.4-4.0mm
Max Board Sice:580x1200mm
Final Copper: 0.5-8oz
Min.Hole Size : 0.1mm
Min Line Width/Spacing: 3/3mil(0.075/0.075mm)
Hole Size Tolerance (PTH): +/ -3mil (0.075mm)
Hole Size Tolerance (NPTH): +/ -2mil (0.05mm)
Hole Location Tolerance: +/ -3mil (0.075mm)
Soldermasks: Green/Blue/Red/Black/Yellow/White/Gray
Legend: White/Black/Yellow/Green/Grey
Surface Treatment: OSP/LF HASL/Immersion Gold/immersion Tin/Silver/Flash gold/Hard gold
Profile Finish: Routing/Punching/V-Cut
E-Test: 100% E-Test With Flying Prob or E-Test Fixture
Inspection Standard: IPC-A-600H/IPC-6012B, Class 2/3
Outgoing Reports: Final Inspection, E-Test, Solderability Test, Microsection and so on.
PCB Packing: Inner packing: Vacuum packing / Plastic bag
Outer packing: Standard carton packing
Certificates: UL, SGS, RoHS, ISO14001:2004, ISO9001:2000, TS16949


Please contact usfreely for any PCB or PCBA issues:
Shenzhen Aibixing Industrial Co.,Ltd
Skype: abxing.pcb

We are one of the leading China manufacturers focusing on Steel PCB fabrication. If you are interested in our single sided steel base pcb for power products, welcome to contact our factory. We're sure to offer you the best quality products on time and excellent one-stop service.


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