LED Copper PCB Board 3OZ

LED Copper PCB Board, We are professional producer of single/double/multi-layer PCB, aluminum/copper based circuit board. Batch order of double sided PCB L/T IS within 7-8 days, 4-8 layers will be 15-16 days.

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LED Copper PCB Board

Copper PCB board is the most expensive type of metal core PCB, and the thermal conductivity is many times better than aluminum base PCB and iron base PCB. It is suitable for heat dissipation of building decoration of high frequency circuit and high and low temperature changing area as well as precision communication equipment.

In general, there are ENIG copper PCB board, silver-plated copper PCB, HASL copper base PCB, antioxidant copper base PCB and so on.

The circuit layer of copper PCB requires great current-carrying capacity, so the thick copper foil should be used, usually 35μm~280μm thick.The thermal insulation layer is the core technology of copper PCB. The core thermal conductive component is composed of aluminum trioxide, silicon powder and epoxy resin filled polymer. The thermal resistance is small (0.15),good viscoelastic properties, with thermal aging resistance, able to withstand mechanical and thermal stress. The matal base of copper PCB is the support components, requires high heat conductivity, usually is copper, suitable for drilling, punching and shearing and cutting and other conventional mechanical processing, the metal layer is mainly in the role of cooling, shielding and grounding. Because the difference performance of copper and aluminum, as well as different in processing technology, copper PCB board have more performance advantages than aluminum PCB.


1. The thermal conductivity of copper base is twice that aluminum base. The higher the thermal conductivity, the higher the heat conduction efficiency and the better the heat dissipation performance.

2. The copper base can be processed into metallized holes, while the aluminum base cannot. The network of metallized holes must be the same network, so that the signal has good grounding performance.Secondly, the welding performance of copper itself makes the later installation of the designed structural parts optional.

3. The copper base of copper PCB board can be etched into fine patterns and processed into sinkpad. The components can be directly attached to the sinkpad to achieve excellent grounding and heat dissipation effect.


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