Copper Clad PCB

Copper Clad PCB

High power LED lighting copper clad PCB, sinkpad copper PCB,ENIG PCB,aluminum pcb manufacturer in China.

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Copper clad pcb, 1 layer, 2.0mm, 1oz, ENIG:2mil, SM: white, legend: yellow.

With the increase of assembly density and integration of PCB components, signal transmission speed is accelerated, related power consumption increases accordingly. The RF signal requires good grounding performance, and the heat dissipation requirements are greatly improved. The performance of common rigid PCB can not meet its requirements. The best way is to choose a metal base copper PCB board.

Copper clad pcb is a kind of copper clad metal clad pcb, it is very similar with aluminum clad pcb, it has a good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation performance and machining performance, including metal layer, insulating layer and circuit layer, three factors are all important.The metal layer is mainly used for heat dissipation, shielding, overlaying or grounding.

For common aluminum core pcb and copper clad pcb, both have an insulating layer between the base board and the welding pads, the insulation layer blocks the export of heat. The thermoelectric separation copper clad pcb is developed on their basis, it removes the insulating layer which is located in the heat conduction parts of the welding pads.By separating the conductive parts and the heat conduction parts, that the LED heat can be directly imported into the copper layer, effectively reduce led temperature, improve LED life.


Due to the differnce performance of copper and aluminum, and the difference of the corresponding PCB processing technology, the copper clad pcb has more performance advantages than the aluminum clad pcb.


1, due to the copper base can be etched to exact graphs by etching method, copper substrate can be processed into convex shape, make it out to circuit layer or SMT layer, making it is same level with SMT layer, components can be directly mounted to the convex, achieve good grounding and cooling effect;


2, due to PCB process itself, aluminum base surface cannot be directly implement metallization process (e.g., single sided aluminum clad pcb), but copper base can be processed into hole metallization, makes the corresponding single sided pcb or multi-layer back pcb have superior selective grounding performance, secondly copper itself has welding performance, makes the design of the structure can choose welding in the late final installation, the cooling effect will be much better than choose radiator.


3, due to the elastic modulus is difference between copper and aluminum, (copper elastic modulus is about 121000 mpa, the elastic modulus of aluminum 72000 mpa), the corresponding degree of warping and increases for copper clad pcb is smaller than aluminum clad pcb, the overall performance is more stable.

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