Copper PCB Board ISO PCB

Material: Copper Board thickness: 1.6mm Copper Weight: 2oz Soler Mask: Green Surface Treatment: ENIG We provide products mainly to customers in China and other countries in Asia, the Middle East, America, Africa and Europe.

Product Details

Material: Copper

Board thickness: 1.6mm

Copper Weight: 2oz

Soler Mask: Green

Surface Treatment: ENIG

The ISO9000 family standard is a series of standards on quality management and quality assurance issued by the international organization for standardization (ISO) in 1987.In 1994, the ISO organization made a comprehensive revision to it and re-enacted it.In 2000, ISO made a major revision to the ISO9000 series.

ISO9001 is used to verify that the organization has the ability to provide products that meet customer requirements and apply to regulatory requirements, with the aim of improving customer satisfaction.


Shenzhen Aibixing Industrial got the ISO9001 certification in 2013 for the PCB products,ISO 9001 can help company improve the organizational performance and manage the operation risk better.

ISO 9001 certification can also improve the company's brand reputation and can be a useful promotional tool.It sends a clear message to all customer groups: Aibixing is a company committed to high standards and continuous improvement, and our ISO PCB has reliable quality assurance.

ISO 9001 also can bring us a number of financial benefits, including improved operational efficiency, sales growth, rising asset returns, and improved profitability.

ISO 9001 ensures improve communication, increasing employee participation awareness. Encouraging organizations to improve products and services quality, helps reduce waste and customer complaints.

If you trust ISO9001 or ISO14001,please choose Aibixing, our ISO PCB will provide you best quality and better customer service.

We are one of the leading China manufacturers focusing on Copper PCB fabrication. If you are interested in our copper pcb board iso pcb, welcome to contact our factory. We're sure to offer you the best quality products on time and excellent one-stop service.
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