2-layer 3mmt Copper Base PCB with Insulated Holes

Detail info:
Layer: 2layers
Material: Copperbase
Board thickness:2.0mm Thermal conductivity: 380.0w/m.k
Copper thickness:.2.0oz

Product Details

Detail info: 

Layer: 2layers
Material: Copperbase
Board thickness:2.0mm
Thermal conductivity: 380.0w/m.k
Copper thickness:.2.0oz
Solder mask: Green
Surfae treatment: ENIG, gold thickness: 2mil
Thermoelectric separation/ sinkpad/ pedestal technology, insulated holes.
We have two High precision engraving machines for thick board(>3.0mm) CNC.

Aibixhing is founded in 2008, a leading manufacturer specializing in Printed Circuit Board(PCB) to serving a wide variety of industrial with their needs.With 6000 sqm areaand 260 employees, advanced equipments and professional teams,wecan produce 10,000 square meters per month, including single-sided, double-sided, multilayer FR4 PCB ( up to 16 layers), MCPCB, high frequency PCB and so.on.Especially quite professional for metal core PCB fabrication: aluminum base(1-2layer), copper/copper-al (sinkpad/ thermoelectric separation pedestal), rigid-flex, steel base.
Certifications:ISO 9001,UL and RoHS.
Fourhigh speed automatic SMT lines for PCBA assembly.We also provide convenient quick-turn parts sourcing for our customers globally.
Generally L/T for aluminum pcb: 6~8days, sample:3days; copper pcb: 8~10days, sample:4~5days.
QC system: 100% inspection before shipment.
Packaging: vacuum bag, plasticbubble bags, wooden case or as requests.

For copper PCB with thermoelectric separation/ sinkpad/ pedestal technology:
Thermal conductivity: 380.0w/m.k

Copper base PCB Etching quality and problems existing in the early stage

The basic requirement for PCB etching quality is to be able to completely remove all copper layers except under the corrosion resistant layer, and that is all. Strictly speaking, if we want to define accurately, the etching quality must include the uniformity of line width and the degree of lateral etching.Due to the inherent characteristics of the corrosion solution at present, etching not only downward but also on the left and right sides of the direction, so side corrosion is almost inevitable.

Lateral etching is often discussed in etching parameters. It is defined as the ratio of lateral etching width to etching depth, which is called etching factor.In the printed circuit PCB industry, it varies widely from 1:1 to 1:5. Obviously, small side etching degree or low etching factor is the most satisfactory.

The structure of the etching equipment and the etching solution with different components will affect the etching factor or lateral etching degree, or, to put it optimistically, it can be controlled.Some additives can reduce the lateral corrosion.The chemical composition of these additives is generally a trade secret, and their creators do not disclose it to the outside world.

Raw Material Room

High Precision Engraving Machine


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