LED PCB Lighting PCB

1460mm long aluminum clad PCB, 1500mm LED PCB, also 1800mm long aluminum PCB is avaible. UL,ISO,IPC is OK.

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Aluminum clad PCB,1.0mm, 1oz,1w/m.k, white solder mask, OSP.


In LED lighting industry, heat conduction and heat dissipation are an important part for lighting design currently, especially for high-power LED heat dissipation, which are a bottleneck.If heat conduction and heat dissipation are not solved in design, this product is not sucessfull! Moreover,if heat conduction problem is not solved,radiator is useless no matter how big.

For LED lighting most electric energy is converted into heat energy, which makes  the device life decay rapidly.Because aluminum is with high thermal conductivity and good heat dissipation, it can release out internal heat effectively, so at present factories install LEDs on aluminum circuit board for high power LED and LED lamps, then aluminum LED pcb is bonded with radiator by conductive adhesive.

The heat generated by LED is transfered to metal clad pcb by insulated layer, then transfered to radiator through thermal interface materials, so it can spread most heat generated by LED to surrounding air by convection. However, the thermal resistance of aluminum pcb and thermal conductive prepreg is big, has great influence on the luminous efficiency and LED life.

Most ordinary insulated layer has small thermal conductivity for aluminum LED pcb,even doesn't have, which makes heat can't be spreaded from LED to heat sink (metal clad pcb), cannot achieve the cooling channels unblocked.The thermal accumulation will lead to LED failure soon.

It can be said that in the existing process, it is unavoidable whether for ceramic or aluminum pcb, new technologies are urgently needed to overcome it. Then thermal separation technology is applied to aluminum LED pcb, so the COB special aluminum pcb is appeared, not only can better solve the heat dissipation problem of encapsulation, also overcome the COB sulfide, improve the luminous effect.

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