Aibixing Industrial always focus on R & D and sales of metal clad pcb circuit boards, and occupy a certain foreign market share,such as USA, Gemany, Itlay, Ukrain, Brazil,Korea and so on.

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Aluminium PCB, single sided, 1 layer,

Board thickness: 1.0mm

Copper weight: 1oz

Thermal conductivity: 1w/m.k

Solder mask: White

Aluminum PCB was originally applied in some special fields. In recent years, with the rapid development of LED lighting, it is used in more and more fields. LED lighting products are mainly composed of three major structures: light source, power supply, and PCB, and as one of them, LED PCB board covers a large part of the whole lamp cost.

The rapid development of LED lighting application brings infinite vitality to aluminum pcb, more and more aluminum pcb industry has sprung up, which increase the competition in LED markets fiercely, the price of led pcb board varies from 100 to 1000rmb per square meter, which is very different.To gain more customer, we have to be clear about our location and our ability to develop core technologies.

The technical innovation of aluminum pcb is more about encapsulation, some problems in the packaging process are improved.Therefore, new packaging form is particularly concerned by aluminum pcb enterprises, especially COB packaging.

COB encapsulation was introduced with low thermal resistance, high luminous efficiency, no welding, low cost, and many other advantages to attract attention at first, and was considered one of the top ten trends for future of LED packaging technology by industry experts. But COB packaging is not as good as you think, and it is not quickly accepted by the market.It is currently only available on a few lamps, so what is holding it back?

The thermal dissipaiton of high-power LED has been plagued by its application.

"In addition, the point binded for COB packaging line is easily sulfided because of objective reasons, which make chip yellow after packaging, ultimately affect the light droop, this is the key point to influence COB widespread popularization." This is also the result of the encapsulation integration, which is very difficult to avoid based on the current packaging process, said Jane yuen, general manager of shenzhen Ruwei electronics co., LTD.

Aibixing Industrial always focus on R&D,manufacturing and sales of metal clad pcb circuit boards,which occupy a certain foreign market share,such as USA, Gemany, Canada,Itlay, Ukrain, Brazil,Korea and so on.Most of products are LED PCB board, Applicated in LED lighting, Communications, Digital products, Automobile products 3D printers and so on.

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