LED PCB Aluminum PCB Prototype

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Product Details

Application: LED lighting

Material: Aluminium

Copper Weight: 1oz

Thermal conductivity: 2w/m.k

Board Thickness: 1.6mm

Solder mask: White

Surface Finish: LF HASL

Aluminum pcb prototype means the trail production for aluminum pcb before mass production, mainly used for that electronic engineers finish the design of circuit board and complete PCB drawing, then let factory make small batch trial-produce process.The purpose is to show how the products' effect is to customer in advance, whether it can meet users' requests, so as to improve the performance of aluminum pcb in the further stage.

Common pcb prototype cost calculation formula: total cost = engineering fee + material fee + film cost.

After pcb prototype is completed, we will do flying probe 100% test firstly, to inspect defects which will affect pcb function,such as open circuit and short circuit which is not easily be found by eyes.

After the electrical test, inspecting the aluminum pcb prototype if have appearance defects by 100% visual inspection, and then repair the minor defects to avoid problems and defective boards are released out.

If you have any PCB prototype request for your new project, please contact us, thank you in advance.

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