LED Fluorescent Lamp Aluminum PCB

LED Fluorescent Lamp Aluminum PCB,We produce all kinds of lamp PCB for customers, they are used for lamp bar, bulb lamp, panel lamp, street lamp, fluorescent lamp, mining lamp, stage lamp, car lamp and so on.

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LED Fluorescent Lamp Aluminum PCB

How to see the quality of LED fluorescent lamp aluminum PCB
1. Appearance
1,The surface of aluminum PCB should be neat without delamination, crack and burr.
2,The PCB surface is flat, oxide film is even, smooth and clean, and there should be no dents, cracks, scratches and other defects affecting the use.
3,There should be no bubble, wrinkle, pinholes, scratches, pitons and glue spots on the surface of the aluminum pcb that are affect usage. Any discoloration or dirt should use density of 1.02g/c㎡ hydrochloric acid solution or suitable organic solvent wipe.
4,Pass welding spot round smooth full, positive and negative characters clear, aluminum base pcb bottom smooth, no pollution, no burr.

2. The thermal conductivity is tested by astm D5470.
3. The warp degree refers to the test method for the warp degree of printed circuit board.
4. Heat resistance
5. Stripping degree

The shape of aluminium base pcb for fluorescent lamp has rectangle and square, still have circular and strip.Basically, it depends on the size length and width of LED fluorescent lamp.
Aluminium base pcb of fluorescent lamp has a lot of distinctive function and advantage, summary has the following.
1,Switch can realize electrical connection between various components in the circuit, instead of complex wiring, which reduces the workload of wiring in the traditional way and simplifies the assembly, welding and debugging of electronic products.
2,More has good consistency. It can adopt standard design. It is advantageous to the mechanization of welding. It increases productivity.
3,Focusing reduces the machine size, reduces product cost, and improves the quality and reliability of electronic equipment.
4,The aluminum base pcb of fluorescent lamp has better mechanical and electrical properties, which makes the electronic equipment realize the unit combination and makes the whole circuit board after assembly and debugging become a spare part, which is convenient for exchange and maintenance of the whole machine product.

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