ENIG Aluminum Base PCB For Outdoor LED Light

ENIG Aluminum Base PCB For Outdoor LED Light

ENIG aluminum base PCB, 2OZ/70um copper thickness, Outdoor Led lighting PCB. It's exported to Austrilia. We arrange electric test by fixture one by one before shipping.

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ENIG Aluminum Base PCB For Outdoor LED Light

The basic technological process for aluminum PCB production includes: cutting material, drilling hole, dry film imaging, boards inspection, etching, etching inspection, solder mask, legend, spraying tin, surface processing, washing pcb, final inspection, packaging and shipment.

The technical specifications of aluminum PCB include thermal conductivity, withstand voltage value,heat resistance, and the reworking method for PCB scrached and oxidation when final inspection.

With the development and progress of electronic technology, it has become an inevitable trend for electronic products to be light, thin, small, personalized, highly reliable and multi-functional.Aluminum PCB is born in line with this trend. Due to its excellent heat dissipation, mechanical processing, dimensional stability and electrical properties,it has been widely used in the fields of hybrid integrated circuit, automobile, office automation, high-power electrical equipment and power supply equipment. Aluminium base PCB is first invented by Japanese company Sanyo in 1969, our country began to develop and produce in 1988, and began mass production in 2000.

Matters needing attention for aluminum PCB technology
1 aluminum base pcb material is expensive, and special attention should be paid to the standardization of operation in the production process to avoid the occurrence of scrap due to non-standard operation.
2 when operating each procedure, operators must handle with care to avoid scratching on board surface and aluminum base.
3 operators in each process shall try to avoid touching the pcb effective area by hand, and only hold pcb edge when spraying tin and for subsequent processes, it is strictly forbidden to touch pcs directly with fingers.
4 aluminum pcb is a special pcb, and its production should be highly valued by each procedure in each region. The section leader shall check the quality personally to ensure the pcb production smoothly in each procedure.

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