Double Sided 3D Printer Aluminum PCB

Double Sided 3D Printer Aluminum PCB In Red Solder Mask, we are professional PCB manufacturer, especially metal core pcb, simple but good performance and appearence.

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Double Sided 3D Printer Aluminum PCB In Red Solder Mask

Description of circuit board diagram

Description means to copy the circuit board diagram to the copper clad lamination and cover the circuit line with corrosion-resistant materials.


Cut a piece of single-sided copper clad lamination per the required size, and copy the circuit board diagram to the copper clad lamination surface with carbon paper.


The purpose of covering is to cover up the part of copper foil needed (means circuits) in order to retain it after corrosion.Cover can use any easy operated corrosion-resistant materials, such as paint, resin glue, polyester tape, corrosion-resistant paint.

(1) paint covering method. Dip a little paint with a small brush and carefully coat the lines that are copied on the copper foil.During the coating process, the line should be kept straight and the covered part should be fully covered.In case overflows in coating, it can be repaired with an art knife after the paint has dried. Can also use duck bill iron pen dip paint coating. Duck bill is hard, drawing straight line effect is better. Adjust the nut on the pen to change the tip of the iron tip of the duck-bill gap to control the width of the line.

(2) marking pen covering method.There is a corrosion-resistant oil marker in the market, used to trace the circuit board is very convenient.The nib of marking pen has a number of specifications, can be chosen according to the width of the line, also can be used to cut nib to meet their own requirements.The marker with the ruler can trace and paint very straight lines, and also write characters on the copper foil, making a beautiful circuit board.

(3) polyester tape covering method.Paste the transparent polyester tape onto the copper foil on the copper plate, carefully engrave it along the copied line with the art cutter, then remove the polyester tape of the spare part, and only keep the polyester tape of the line part.Make sure the polyester tape is tightly pasted and free of air bubbles. All circuit lines are covered tightly.

(4) paint spraying.Prepare a piece of hard paper slightly larger than the circuit board, copy the circuit board map onto the hard paper, use the art knife to cut the circuit part on the hard paper (empty), that is to become the board template.Cover the template tightly on the copper foil and then spray paint.Spray paint is especially suitable for making circuit boards in small batches.

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