Aluminum Circuit Board

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Product Details

Aluminum clad pcb, 1 layer, 

board thickness: 3mm, copper weight: 2oz, 

thermal conductivity: 2w/m.k

Solder mask: black

Application: 3D printer

With the development and progress of electronic technology, electronic products have become an inevitable trend towards light, thin, small, individualized, high reliability and multi-functionalization. Aluminum clad pcb conform to this trend, this kind IPC PCB have excellent heat resistance, machinability, dimensional stability and electrical performance,are used widely in hybrid integrated circuit, automobiles, office automation, high-power electrical equipment, power equipment, and other fields in recent years. Aluminium clad pcb was invented by Japanese sanyo company first in 1969, our country began development and production in 1988, have been developed and mass production since 2000. Aluminium circuit board is mainly focused on the thermal conductivity, withstand voltage and heat resistance, it's related with the lifetime of aluminum circuit board.

Aluminum circuit board is a unique metal core pcb with good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation performance and mechanical machining properties. When design, better to make IPC PCB close to the aluminum base as far as possible, so as to reduce the thermal resistance of the glue. Generally aluminum circuit board is composed of copper foil, thermal insulation layer and metal substrate, its structure is divided into three layers:

CIREUITL. LAYER line LAYER: copper clad board equivalent to common PCB, and the thickness of copper foil is 1OZ to 10OZ;

DIELCCTRICLAYER insulation layer: insulation layer is a low thermal conductive thermal insulation material;

BASE LAYER: metal substrate, usually aluminum or copper.

For high-end use, aluminum clad pcb is also designed for double-sided, which is composed of the circuit layer, insulating layer, aluminum base, insulation layer and circuit layer. Very few applications are multi-layer aluminum clad pcb, can be composed of ordinary multilayer pcb and insulation layer and aluminum base by lamination.

Circuit layer (the copper foil) usually formed after etching printed circuit, making the mutual connection of component parts. under normal circumstances, the circuit layer is requested with a big current-carrying capacity, thus should use thicker copper foil and the thickness is generally 35um to  280um. Thermal insulation is core technology for aluminum circuit board, it is usually made up of special ceramics fill special polymer, with small heat resistance and excellent viscoelasticity, has the ability of thermal aging, can withstand mechanical and thermal stress.

Power device surface-mount is in circuit layer, the heat generated by the device at runtime by rapid transmission to the base metal through insulation layer, and then transfer heat out through the metal base layer, so that to achieve cooling for the device.

The thermal insulation layer of high performance aluminum clad pcb is used this technology, so making it have excellent thermal conductivity and high strength electrical insulation performance. Metal base is the supporting components for aluminum circuit board, requires high heat conductivity, generally using aluminum base, also can use copper base(can provide better thermal conductivity), it's suitable for drilling, punching and shearing and cutting and other conventional mechanical processing. 

Metal core IPC PCB materials have advantages compared with other materials. Which is suitable for SMT process on the surface of power components, without radiator, the volume is greatly reduced, excellent heat dissipation, good insulation and mechanical properties.

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