Two Kinds of Tracking Way in PCB Design

- Nov 29, 2018-

Tracking way has two kinds: automatic tracking and interactive tracking, before automatic tracking, can use the interactive way to lay out the tracking which have strict requirements in priority, input and output side edges should avoid adjacent parallel lest produce reflection interference. When necessary should add ground isolation, two adjacent layers of tracking to perpendicular to each other, parallel prone to stray coupling.

Completion rate of automatic tracking depends on good layout, tracking rules can be set in advance, including walking line bending number, the number of the guide hole, step quantity, etc. Generally, exploratory warping is carried out first to quickly connect the short lines, then maze-type tracking is carried out, and global routing path optimization is carried out on the lines to be distributed first, which can disconnect the lines to be distributed according to our needs, and try to re-tracking to improve the overall effect.

For high density PCB design has been felt not adapted to through hole, it wastes a lot of valuable tracking channel, in order to solve this contradiction, the blind and buried hole technology turn out, it not only completed the guide hole, also save a lot of tracking channel make tracking process more convenient, more smooth, more perfect. PCB design process is a complex and simple process, to master it well, still need the electronic engineering design personnel to their experience, to get the truth.