The use of large core plates

- May 18, 2017-

First, to reasonably determine the amount of use. General 100 square meters of room use large core board not more than 20, but also consider the indoor other decoration, if use too much will cause indoor environment formaldehyde exceeded. In particular, do not use the floor under the large core plate lining, lest the indoor air pollution in the excessive formaldehyde.

Secondly, to do a good job of finishing the big core plates. According to the state "indoor decoration materials and products of man-made panels and hazardous substances in the limit of the requirements, formaldehyde emission per litre less than and equal to 1.5 mg of large core plate finishes processing can be allowed to be used indoors."

Thirdly, it is necessary to purify and seal the large core plates which cannot be processed. In particular, the decoration of the backplane, a variety of cabinets and heating enclosures, and so on, the current experts to study the formaldehyde sealant, formaldehyde sealing wax and eliminate and seal formaldehyde aerosol, in the renovation of the best use.

Finally, we should also pay attention to the decoration of indoor air formaldehyde detection and purification. Because the indoor environment of formaldehyde can be harmful to the human respiratory system, for a variety of viral infections created conditions. Decorate after the bedroom do not rush to stay, should first look for indoor environmental monitoring departments to detect and control, listen to experts, choose the right time to check.