Single CCD Board and Double CCD Board

- Jul 29, 2017-

Which is good for single CCD board and double CCD board? The single board only needs a sheet of pcb circuit board and the SMD processing on both sides, while the double board needs two pcb circuit boards and four SMD processing.The single board and double board refers to the front end CCD panel.The board at the end of the device is called the rear end board or control board, mainly locate video connector, power connector,functional switch, and automatic aperture circuit.

Single CCD and double plate CCD difference is not obvious, they are a complete CCD machine module, just double CCD board divide the device into two PCBs, through the cable connected between two boards.Compared with the single-ccd board, the CCD function is more perfect, but the corresponding production cost is also increased.


The advantages of the two are analyzed.The single-board CCD module puts all components together on a piece of PCB board, streamlining the functions that are not commonly used, with high stability and low cost.Double CCD module has two pieces of PCB board, to be able to more features do vice PCB board, two plates are connected by cable, can easily adjust the backlight compensation, automatic gain, and other functions, mainly used in the bolt.


Both shortcomings are analyzed.Because of the limitation of PCB area, single-board CCD can not fit more components to realize complicated functions.The two-plate CCD is connected by two PCB boards, and the coordination and processing ability of the board and plate is relatively weak. At the same time, more than one piece of PCB is required to be processed twice, and the cost is relatively high.


Which one is good for single CCD board and double CCD board? Generally, both the single-board CCD and the double CCD have advantages and disadvantages, and the general use of the single board is enough. If there is a special requirement, choose a two-plate CCD.