Simple classification of FR4 PCB

- May 18, 2017-

FR-4 Epoxy glass cloth laminate surface color is:

Yellow FR-4, white FR-4, black FR-4, Blue FR-4 and so on.

FR-4 is a PCB used in the substrate, is a category of sheets. The sheets are different according to the reinforcement material, the main classification is the following four kinds:

1 FR-4: Glass cloth

2 FR-1, FR-2, etc: paper Base board

3 CEM Series: Composite substrate

4 Special materials substrate (ceramics, metal base, etc.) FR-4 by special electronic cloth immersion epoxy resin and other materials by high temperature and high-pressure hot pressing the plate-shaped laminated products.

Features: With high mechanical properties and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistant and have good mechanical processing.

Use: Electrical and electrical equipment for insulating structural components, including the various specifications of the switch FPC reinforcing electrical insulation carbon film printed circuit boards, computer drilling pad mold fixture and so on (PCB test rack) and can be used in humid environment and transformer oil.